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A native Texan, Freddie was born in Luckenbach and now resides in Boerne. Mr. Birck's career started in 1965 as a surveyor for one of America's prestigious construction companies. He later became a Construction Estimator for 22 years until his retirement in May of 2011. During his professional career Freddie also ran his custom home building business, which occasionally offered him the opportunity to get his hands dirty.

About Freddie Birck

Now retired, Freddie still chooses to get his hands dirty via a passion that was passed down from his father; Woodworking. Inspired by the late American Woodcraftsman Sam Maloof, Freddie introduces his own series of SingleDouble and Cradle Rocking Chairs that not only pay respect to the well-known furniture designer, but cultivate respect themselves. 
From his 30'x32' shop, Freddie produces around 12-15 rocking chairs per year, though the process first starts outside the shop. Either by field or factory the wood is personally selected and it soon starts its transformation. Like a sculptor, Mr. Birck envisions the chair pieces within the wood and removes the excess around it; this and attention to what the wood will later look like during the finishing stages is key to the design of each chair. Freddie's mindfullness to specifics can be seen on the Detail page of this website. Creating one chair can take hundreds of hours, but when it's done the final product reflects the heart, body and spirit of a man who truly honors and enjoys the gift that has been passed down to him from generations prior.
ABOVE: Freddie finds the chair within.
ABOVE: Freddie in his workshop.

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