Birck's Fine Handcrafted Rocking Chairs
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Back Leg Joint
Seat Front
Back Rest Lumbar Support

The smooth contours between connecting joints set these rockers apart from boxy, store bought rocking chairs.
Attention to detail is one of many fine attributes you'll find in these rocking chairs. Here are just a few examples that show the quality of Freddie's craftsmanship.

If you have any questions regarding the detail or quality of the designs and would like more information, please click on the Contact link and give Freddie a shout!
The ergonomically designed seat allows riders to fit snugly within the chair without shifting around during rocking. 
Freddie mentions, "The first comment I hear from people who sit in the rockers is how comfortable the lumbar support is"

Rocker Base (Back)
The arched ends of the rocker's base help propel the chair forward after the backward apex of each rock is reached.
Arm Rest (Rounded)
Customers having a rocking chair made specifically for them can choose between rounded or flat arm rests.

Rocker Base (Front)
The Rocker base is crafted by laminating multiple strips of wood, giving maximum strength to the most critical part or the chair.
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Arm Rest (Flat)
The popular flat arm rest allows riders more surface area to relax their arm or even act as a writing surface.

Cradle Rocker Detail
Cradle dimensions are 30L X 18W X 11D, allowing ample room to accommodate the appropriate bedding for your baby.

Signature Stamp
Each chair is stamped with Freddie's signature stamp, including the chair's manufacturing year and series number. 
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